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Looking for a new challenge? At TalentSure we specialise in connecting international talent to jobs in Germany. Our programs support you from application to placement. Take a look at our program options below. 

Our current Programs

International healthcare professionals working in germany


Are you a qualified nurse? We will help you relocate and work in Germany. Join our talent pool and get started.


Are you working in the logistic space and are interested in an opportunity in Germany? Come join the talent pool.

IT Professionals

Germany is facing a severe shortage in IT professionals. Take a look at our available positions and apply!

How it works


Create a profile on SkillPass. From here you can manage your application and verify your certifications. 


Apply to the programme. We will guide you through the process through SkillPass. 


If your application was successful we will contact you to get you started and put you in touch with potential employers.

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Why TalentSure?

Simple and Secure

A simple and secure application process. Easily navigate through the administrative requirements of starting your life in a new country. 

Exclusive Jobs

Our programs give you access to exclusive jobs across Germany. 

The Full Service

Our support doesn’t stop after you apply. We take you from application, to interviews to organising language courses to visa applications all the way to your new job.  

Why work in Germany?

Standard of Living

Enjoy a high standard of living and many social security benefits.

Job Opportunities

Germany has a lot of job opportunities for english speakers and german language learners. 

Safe and secure

Germany has strong workers protection. Especially nursing job security very high regardless of the economic climate. 


Further your career by gaining experience and potentially additional qualifications overseas and learning from professionals in your field. 


Applicant FAQs

Simply apply to the nursing programme and we will guide you through the rest. 

We just need two documents from you to begin with. 

1. Proof of qualification

2. Current CV 

Don’t worry if you don’t have a full CV, with your SkillPass Account you have access to a great CV Builder. All for Free! 

Depending on the specific program and employer you may need to learn German. As an example, nurses need to be certified to level B2. Don’t worry, we support you throughout your learning journey.

We invest in you. We just need your commitment and hard work.

  • You will receive the same salary as a registered nurse in Germany and you will be equal to a
    German employee in all areas of the profession
  • As a career starter, your salary is approx. € 2,300.00 gross per month
  • If you can prove three years of professional experience, your salary is approx. € 2,500.00
    gross per month
  • Taxes, health, pension and unemployment insurance will be deducted from your gross salary,
    so that you will receive between € 1,900.00 (unmarried) and € 2,600.00 (married and 2
    children) net into your account, depending on your tax bracket.
  • Depending on professional experience and specialisation, you will receive further allowances
    or even a higher salary
  • In addition, you can earn up to € 500.00 more net per month through shift allowances
  • In Germany, you will receive child benefit from the state, which amounts to € 219.00 per child
    per month and are entitled to get a place for your child in a day care centre for children
  • If you work on weekends, do night shifts or work on public holidays, you will receive tax-free
    allowances in addition to your basic salary
  • During the period until you receive your certificate of equivalence as a registered nurse, you
    will receive between € 1,900 and € 2,100.00, and after that your specialist salary will be
    approx. € 2.500,00
  • You will receive a permanent employment contract with a six-month probationary period in a
    crisis-proof sector
  • Your working hours are between 37 to 42 hours per week
  • You get 26 to 30 paid holidays a year. You can spend your holiday in Germany, fly to your
    home country or travel the world
  • You are thus a participant in the German social system, which is considered one of the best in
    the world, and are covered in all areas