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We source talents from countries all over the world. Our partner network, experience and knowledge means we can find you the best people for the job. 

Hiring from overseas can be a daunting process. We will guide you and the recruitee through the process from start to finish.

How it works

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Get in touch and let us know your requirements. We will reach out to clarify any open questions and explain the process.


We will send you preselected profiles with verifiable qualifications for you to filter. 


When you have selected your candidates we will take care of the rest. 

International healthcare professionals working in germany

Sourcing Global Technical Talent

Skills shortages are a global concern. TalentSure seek to plug the gap between employment opportunities, skills shortage and global talent. 

Taking advantage of our network of global, skilled individuals we have partnered with employees to create end to end programs that make for an effortless recruiting experience. 

Our Partner Network

Where we work

We specialise in bringing talent from Morocco, Poland, India, Vietnam and the Philippines to Germany. 

Sourcing global technical talent

Why TalentSure?

Simple and Secure

The process of hiring is simple and secure. Candidates are carefully selected, qualifications are secure and easily verifiable. 

Exclusive Candidates

Our partner networks enable to source the best but more importantly the best skill fit for your jobs. 

The Full Service

Support from start to finish. Our dedicated support team guides the candidates through all the red tape so you don’t have to. 

Verifiable Qualifications

Have confidence in the people you are interviewing and potentially hiring. Qualifications are easily verifiable through blockchain technology. 

Company FAQs

The candidate starts the programme in their home country by signing a participant contract.

They will then start the language course, which will take them from A0 to B2 including
nursing terminology.

This lasts typically between 8 and 14 months. On average, we assume a language course of 12 months

After receiving the B2 certificate from a recognised examination centre such as telc,
Goethe, ÖSD or TestDaF, the visa process is started. On average the candidate will leave for 
Germany 12-14 months after the start of the programme. Once in Germany, they attend
the exam preparation course and take the professional knowledge exam. This takes two
months. So, all in all, 14 months after the start of the programme, you will have a new recruit. 

We do. From start to finish we will take care of all the administrative requirements. 

Depending on your requirements we will customise an offer for you and where required connect you with our partners.

Quality is our promise. We carefully select candidates based on skills and visa requirements. We partner with leading companies to ensure a strong fit and a seamless process.