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Faster and Reliable sourcing of Talent (Fachkräfte)

Global Talent Delivered

Sourcing Skilled Professionals -Fachkräfte- is increasingly difficult

Build and manage a global network of talent

Manage your recruitment requirements with a digital tool

Partner with immigration experts to simplify the journey

Global Sourcing Management

Automated Candidate Management

"TalentSure is making it far easier to manage our talent. With a complex international network of partners, it is essential that we simplify and harmonize our efforts. The platform helps us bring confidence to our customers in Germany."

– Ali Soysüren, Founder of SimpleJob

Trust and Transparency

Partners who trust us

Our partners are carefully selected to ensure every part of our journey is as effective as possible. 

Bringing International Talent to the Logistic Sector

Training Candidates in Germany

Hiring Nurses and Truck Drivers to Germany

International Skilled Professionals for Germany. 

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