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QCG-supported partial qualifications for international skilled workers

A new target group for training providers with AZAV accreditation

New audiences for educational centres

Das Potential an Teilnehmern für geförderte Maßnahmen wird zunehmend kleiner. Viele Bildungsträger suchen deshalb händeringend nach neuen Zielgruppen, um ihre Schulungsstätten auszulasten.

More training programmes

TalentSure offers motivated workers from developing countries who need to be professionally qualified before being deployed in Germany

More Partial Qualifications

Partial qualifications (TQ) are particularly suitable for this additional training

More International Professionals

As all international workers can prove that they have a valid employment contract, the courses and part of the wages are financed by the QCG as part of the employment promotion programme.

A triple "win" situation with exceptional prospects


You talk to your customers about their need for skilled labour. We recruit these specialists and take care of all the bureaucracy if required

QCG Funded

Your customers get top-qualified specialists - QCG-supported and highly motivated


You qualify these specialists after they arrive in Germany and prepare them for successful deployment with your customer

You need new students

You have a AZAV Accreditation

You have contact to other companies in your area.

We are looking for educational institutions throughout Germany as co-operation partners

As a training provider, you have extensive expertise in various areas of vocational training. You know your customers' requirements for skilled labour and have reliable contacts with HR managers.

Our Partner

Partners who trust us

Read more about Tertia and an example of how we work with Training Partners.