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BVMW - Der Mittelstand

BVMW and TalentSure

BVMW partners with TalentSure to support SME’s to find skilled professionals.

The collaboration between BVMW (Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft) in Rhein Erft and TalentSure represents a significant step forward in addressing the skilled worker shortage in Germany, particularly in the Mittelstand (mid-sized companies) sector. This initiative is particularly timely and relevant, given the implementation of the new Skilled Immigration Act, which offers employers greater flexibility in hiring skilled workers based on their specific needs.

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Analysis of Skill Requirements

The joint effort focuses on analyzing the skill requirements of mittelstand companies in the Rhein Erft region. This is crucial for understanding the current workforce landscape and the specific needs of these businesses.

Ongoing Support and Opportunities

The continuous support provided by BVMW and TalentSure to the mittelstand is crucial in overcoming the skilled worker shortage. By opening new opportunities and enabling skilled professionals to seamlessly integrate into the workforce, they are adding significant value to the economic landscape.

Digital Survey and ESCO Mapping

The partnership has led to the creation of a digital survey to understand the current skill requirements of mittelstand companies, aligning these with the European Skills and Competency Framework (ESCO). This alignment ensures a standardized approach to identifying and categorizing skills across Europe.

Digital Platform for Skill Selection

TalentSure's digital platform facilitates companies in identifying and prioritizing the skills needed for specific job roles. This streamlined process aids in more efficient and targeted recruitment.

Interesting Findings

The study has already yielded some intriguing insights, such as the high priority placed on the ability to operate GPS tracking systems for truck drivers. This highlights the evolving nature of skill requirements in various industries.

Adaptation to New Immigration Laws

The Skilled Immigration Act appears to have eased some restrictions on skilled migration, particularly for unregulated skills. This allows employers more discretion in defining their own criteria for employment, such as language proficiency, work experience, and academic or professional qualifications.

Empowerment Through Skills and Competencies

TalentSure's philosophy that a person's future should not be limited by their country of origin but determined by their skills and competencies aligns well with the current needs of the German labor market. This approach is especially pertinent given the skilled worker shortage in the country.

BVMW and TalentSure

Overall, this partnership is a proactive response to the changing dynamics in the global workforce and the specific challenges faced by the German mittelstand. It underscores the importance of skill-based employment strategies in today’s increasingly globalized and technologically advanced labor market.