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TalentSure and Tertia

A Strategic partnership for training and development

The collaboration between Tertia and TalentSure is a dynamic solution to Germany’s skilled labor shortage. Tertia, renowned for its employment and training services, aligns with TalentSure’s expertise in identifying and nurturing global talent. This partnership is pivotal in streamlining the process from talent identification to workforce integration, ensuring candidates are well-equipped with industry-relevant skills. Their joint efforts have expanded to international collaborations, notably with the government of Burkina Faso, and have made significant strides in sectors such as IT and logistics. This alliance not only boosts employer confidence but also assures comprehensive training and qualification for candidates. For more information, please visit Tertia’s website.

The Company

About Tertia

Tertia is a German company founded in 1973 in Alfter bei Bonn, focusing on providing sustainable employment perspectives through education and training. The company has evolved into a nationwide employment service provider specializing in employment, education, and coaching. Tertia offers a range of services for job seekers and employees, including professional reorientation, strengthening of professional profiles, and personal coaching. They also provide services for companies, such as new ways of recruiting and employee development. The company’s operations, including Tertia Vermittlungsagentur, Tertia Berufsförderung, and Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Arbeitsaufnahme, are recognized and certified according to AZAV. Tertia operates with multiple locations across Germany, offering various job opportunities and vocational training programs. For more detailed information, you can visit their website at Tertia.de.