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Group candidates into seperate programs to individualise their journey. 

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Set the bar high with employers by creating consistent candidate profiles. 

Manage and develop

Manage each talents journey to success. Upskilling, language training, interviews etc. 

Gain access to global sourcing opportunities

Group candidates into seperate programs to individualise their journey.  

Explore International Skilling Trends

Explore skill requirements of international employers 

Transparent visibility of recruitment workflows

Create individualised workflows for your requirements. 

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"TalentSure is a true end to end international candidate solution. The customisable workflows allow us to source, hire and onboard with a single platform."

– TüV Rheinland (Hiring nurses to Germany)


Still have questions? Here are some of our most frequently asked questions and concerns addressed. Otherwise get in touch, we’d be happy to help. 

Gain access to diverse talent globally, filling skill gaps and offering fresh perspectives for your organization. Streamline the hiring process efficiently.

We provide a platform where you can input your company’s requirements and desired skill sets. Our platform, with the help of AI and some very intelligent algorithms then matches your criteria with suitable international candidates from our system. Talent profiles are constantly adjusted based on skills candidates are using.

Our platform typically involves candidate sourcing, screening, interviews, and background checks. We also assist with visa and immigration requirements when necessary. The platform allows you have a full overview of your talent pool, where candidates are on their language journey, how fast they are progressing and what their expected arrival time in your company is.

You can find professionals in various fields, such as IT, engineering, healthcare, logistics and more, on our platform. We’ll help you identify the right fit for your specific industry.

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