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BOSCH L.OS and TalentSure

Bosch partners with TalentSure to scale international driver recruitment

Bosch L.OS partners with TalentSure to supply sustainable pipelines of talented logistics professionals to Germany and other countries. Germany is suffering from a major shortage of skilled professionals in the logistic sector, with a shortage of over 70,000 truck drivers alone. Together Bosh L.OS is looking to seamlessly enable users of the platform to connect with TalentSure and source talent to meet their skill requirements. As a digital first solution, both companies are excited to develop a seamless digital integration to minimise effort and enable logistics companies to Benefit from a wide range of additional product and services available through the L.OS

Talentsure SkillPass. Digital Solution First.

A digitial first solution

TalentSure emerges as a strategic partner for Bosch L.OS customers, offering a reliable pipeline of skilled professionals essential for the effective utilisation of the L.OS platform. This partnership underscores the importance of human capital in the digital transformation of logistics, ensuring that Bosch L.OS customers not only have access to cutting-edge technology but also the skilled workforce necessary to implement and leverage it effectively.

In summary, the partnership between Bosch L.OS and TalentSure is a testament to the fact that while digital platforms provide the tools for transformation, it is the skilled professionals who turn these possibilities into realities. This collaboration ensures that Bosch L.OS customers have both the technological solutions and the skilled workforce needed to revolutionise their logistics operations.

The Company

About Bosch L.OS

The Bosch L.OS, or Logistics Operating System, is a comprehensive digital platform designed to transform logistics management by integrating a range of services and solutions. This platform is particularly tailored for the logistics and transportation sector, aiming to simplify and optimise IT processes.

Horizontal Integration of Services

Bosch L.OS serves as an open platform for various ecosystem players like carriers, shippers, brokers, drivers, service partners, and independent software vendors (ISVs). It primarily focuses on carriers to provide incremental, differentiated value through effective data leverage. This horizontal integration facilitates a centralized access point for logistics solutions, creating synergies and enabling holistic decision-making across various services.

Market Impact and Customer Base

Bosch L.OS has successfully launched in markets such as Europe, India, and the USA, securing a significant customer base in these regions. It's designed to cater to the diverse needs of logistics and transportation companies globally, providing them with quick and easy access to IT services. This contributes to more efficient and sustainable operations.

New Business Unit for Digital Platforms

Bosch has established a new transnational business unit called “Mobility Platform and Services” to focus on the development of digital platforms. This unit underscores the importance Bosch places on digitalization in the mobility sector, with the aim of fostering innovation and addressing complex challenges through collaborative platforms.

Platform Technical Foundations and Technical Stack

The Bosch L.OS Core Platform (L.OS CP) is built as AWS-native and structured in multiple layers, including foundation and infrastructure, horizontal integration, core management, and user interface. This structure allows for seamless interaction with various logistic business services and solutions.

Service Orchestrations Using Data and Decision Intelligence

Bosch L.OS goes beyond just connecting point solutions in the logistics value chain. It uses correlated and complementary data to unlock value by addressing specific industry challenges. An example of this is the integration of truck parking management with transport management systems, enhancing efficiency and user experience.

In essence, Bosch L.OS represents Bosch’s commitment to driving the future of logistics through digital transformation. The platform stands out for its ability to integrate and orchestrate a variety of logistics services, leveraging data and technology to enhance operational efficiencies and decision-making in the logistics sector.